As a managed cloud service provider, our mission is to ensure the safety of your data and secure the longevity of your business IT assets. As technology develops, improves and evolves, the solutions used to tackle challenges must also change to keep pace with cyber-criminals. It’s for these reasons that IT security services can’t be merely plug, play and walk away.

Security threats and vulnerabilities continue to make news. Breaches have compromised thousands of businesses in the United States alone, as well as the millions of customers they serve. Far too often a review reveals that this is due to a known vulnerability being exploited that was not patched. Vendors aren’t always communicative when they discover a vulnerability in their software so when a patch is released to your applicable product its best to be working with a service provider like Ally Tech to insure you stay up to date at all times.

Employees also play a huge role in cybersecurity. How confident are you in your staff to spot a potential threat? Would they recognize a phishing email, or a scam engineer on the phone asking the staff member to visit a website? With AllyTech solutions the email never arrives and the website is blocked based on real time web shield analytics.

Securing your data from those who attempt to systematically exploit it requires sophisticated next generation monitoring, testing, updating and education. Do you have the time to invest in cybersecurity, to ensure that your business doesn’t fall victim to attackers? Does your team have the resources it needs to proactively patch and update your systems before a vulnerability is exploited?

If you’re unsure of the answers, you aren’t alone and we can help! With our exceptional experience and communication with vendors, we can assure that you’re protected from vulnerabilities and provide weekly or monthly reporting of all systems. With deep packet monitoring of your traffic sources, we can even leverage machine learning to block attackers based on geo-targeting from gaining access to your network. Additionally, we seek to educate your personnel and protect your workstations in effort to mitigate future threats and cost.

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