The secret that we humans present the weakest link in cyber security is no secret – the number of people who fall for phishing emails is staggering. As we become more web-savvy, phishers are prompted to devise more clever attacks, utilizing accounts of contacts we’re familiar with and even web pages that look exactly like pages we’ve logged into countless times before. Whether it’s a spoofed web-site or a long time contact who is unwittingly perpetuating a virus, multi-layered email security is a must. The number of incidents involving machine learning malware, software that sits benignly on your system, learning your vocabulary followed by a well crafted spoofed email with your identity to your known contacts rose dramatically in 2017.


These attacks rarely stop at stealing a user’s login credentials. Some phishing emails even contain ransomware attached to an expected business related PDF. Viruses, spyware or other malware rose more than any other threat YTD said TechRebpublic. A fairly easy to understand explanation is provided in the coverage by TechRepublic, hackers think states, “Why try to exploit a secure system when you can just trick someone into giving you what you want?”  In being so difficult to spot, an employee could easily give a hacker access to your information without realizing or reporting their mistake.


While educating users easy appropriate and can help mitigate the risk of an unauthorized entity gaining access to your information, the most effective solution is a proactive cloud service that delivers pre-filtered emails.  In addition to basic measures such as messages being encrypted to safeguard them from eavesdroppers, content sent to your organization should be filtered, and access ought to be granted according to regulations applicable your company’s  as well.


Protecting and fortifying your digital communications is vital to the security of your organization. Each business according to malwarebytes.com will be targeted over 30 times per day with a potential threat. We leverage years of security experience and email security solutions to provide you with you our best service -peace of mind.


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