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As business continue to switching from their analog phone systems to digital voice solutions does your organization have a plan to migrate and enjoy significant cost savings?  There are many reasons an organization leverages the robust features of a Voice over Internet Protocol. Clients who have joined the office voice revolution report a marked cost savings, professional presences to callers and many other benefits all while keeping your existing phone number!

VoIP has grown in popularity over the past decade. As technology continues to evolve digital VOIP phone solutions are realizing lower prices than ever before. As we examine the cost savings of long-distance or international calls, it’s no wonder. Depending on your use, VoIP can save your business thousands while increasing productivity and continuity.

While the price tag on a VoIP system alone makes it an attractive alternative, there are many more benefits to consider:

  • Mobility Unification
    Whether your staff moves to a new office or works remotely from the tropics, they take their phone number with them. So as long as there’s an internet connection available, your employees can work around the globe.
  • Scalability
    It’s not easy to predict how many phones you’ll need over the next year or ten. Crystal balls are not easily obtainable. Luckily, the technology behind VoIP enables you to add, remove or move lines with ease.
  • Advanced Functions
    With a cloud hosted or an on premise internet-connected phone system, your business can support sophisticated calling features, without the extra spending. If your business could have a use for conferencing capabilities, an automated attendant, call holding or advance call transferring, VoIP is a great solution for you!
  • Integration
    Keeping your communication systems segregated with legacy phone systems inherently adds cost to any business. VoIP can easily integrate them with your existing infrastructure. Network-connected phone enables you to access customer information upon receiving inbound calls, receive voicemail transcripts to your email, or even place calls through your compatible smartphone while keeping your personal number private.
  • Easy Installation
    Legacy phone lines require a professional installation, which normally requires the business to accommodate a strict schedule, implementation charges and other traditional carrier fees. You can go ahead and put that company checkbook away! With VoIP, phone lines can be added as soon as they’re necessary, reassigned and removed with ease. You no longer must wait for your telecom to set up a new line; with VoIP, your phone lines are under your control.
  • Backwards Compatibility
    Using an analog telephone adapter, your older devices can still stay connected. If you have a phone or fax machine that’s integral to your business operations, you won’t lose it with VoIP.
  • Future-proof
    VoIP systems are built to be responsive to advancements in technology, while traditional phone technology hasn’t changed much in the last century. Because your VoIP system is software-based, updating, deploying patches and making alterations is a breeze. In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, doesn’t it make sense for your business to have a phone system that can adapt?
  • Customizable
    Businesses have different needs when it comes to phone systems, and the needs of one might change dramatically in a short period of time. With traditional phone lines, you’re limited in where you can place a phone and what services you receive. With digital voice, you can connect to your phone system in a variety of ways, giving you the flexibility to meet your business’s needs, whatever they might be.

AllyTech recognizes that every business is unique. With a wide variety of service and solution offerings, our goal is to outfit your one-of-a-kind business with tailored personal solution. In partnering with Allworx, CallFire and Google Voice we aim to provide services customized to your business’s needs. With over 15 years of experience in helping businesses find and implement digital voice solutions, you can expect a seamless transition to your selected digital communication platform.

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