Your data is only as good as it is accessible.

In today’s connected world there’s more options than ever to leverage an affordable off-site or cloud backup system. The days of a singular USB drive and a set of fingers crossed as a backup solution is both no longer an acceptable risk when weighing the cost and kinda funny to think about.

What’s the catch? It’s two fold. First, companies must work with a trusted Microsoft Partner that can take the guess work out any scernario from start to finish. Anything that can, will go wrong. Secondly a managed backup is ideal. Environmental factors alone are elements beyond your businesses control that can disrupt a cloud backup and often we find that some organizations are unaware that the error weeks ago has paused the scheduled nightly backups. A managed service provider like us here at Ally Tech will design the backup schedule custom to your needs and mediate all errors seamlessly in the background. With the Ally Tech Backup Management you receive:

  • Advanced Monitored backup status and progress 24/7 365
  • Restoration filter, assuring that your systems restore without any traces of malware or unpatched updates.
  • A Recovery Time Objective that illustrates based on real world testing the estimated time to fully recover in the event of a disaster.
  • Fully compliant encryption both on cloud transfer and the actual digital archives themselves. See PCI-DDS compliance Requirement 3.5 and 3.6 respectively.


By levering the low cost of today’s cloud backup platforms and industry best practices, we insure your business averts any disaster and avoids costly downtime. Selecting a robust solution to allow virtual access to critical business functions while systems restore during an unplanned fail-over is a must. This approach lowers your overall IT costs by allowing your business to get back to business faster and more affordable than ever. Let’s talk today about your unique goals.


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