Compliance & Data Security

In 2018 the importance of adopting a Written Information Security Program known by law as a WISP, cannot be overstated. 2017 saw a 600% increase, YTD of data breaches and the prediction is this will be a continued upward trend.

A WISP document outlines what a company has in place for proactive protection, what the responses will be to varying levels of threats as well as other security protocols being observed.

Working with AllyTech we deploy a host of tools for a complete audit, secure path forward and peace of mind. We work one on one with Vermont Bar member firms to ensure the most effective best practices are being observed.

WAN Shield Firewall WAN High Availability Firewall
WAN DDOS Failover Protection WAN IPSEC Firewall
Endpoint Hard Disk Encryption Endpoint Multilayered Anti-Virus
Endpoint Managed Updates Email Office 365 Encryption
Email GSuite Encryption Email POP3/IMAP4 Encryption
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