Enemy at the Gate. Firewall in Place. Welcome to the Internet of Things. IoT

New cyber threat revisions arise every day as antivirus solutions race to catch up. Small to medium businesses are a lucrative target. Just take a quick Google of the latest cybersecurity news, you’ll see pages devoted to breaches, leaks, malware, and vulnerabilities. Why? Well businesses that carry a business credit cards are worth the most on the “Dark Web” due to their lower restriction on purchase location and limits says Bloomberg News coverage on Mashable.

Tasking one person to handle your security effectively is close to impossible – there’s drinking from a fire hose, then there’s realism. Simply put, there is just too much new information, evolving threats etc. that is out there for a single person to comb through and mitigate. Your business needs a multi- layered approach to information security reinforced by a trusted, dependable team of competitive professionals.

That’s where AllyTech comes in. Our dedication to security ensures that we stay up to date on all the latest information, and allows us effectively and securely remotely monitor and manage your network. With years of experience in data cybersecurity Ally Tech can help design, implement and maintain your firewall and network level devices to keep unauthorized access at bay.


Our security solutions provide secure multi-layered protection for your business through:

  • Next generation deep packet inspection.
  • Design and implementation of firewall and network level security devices.
  • Intrusion detection and automatic failover design.
  • Managed first in class firmware updates and system patching.
  • Content filtering to reduce malware threats and improve business productivity.
  • DDoS threat redirection insuring consistent access to services in the event of a cloud service DDoS attack.

Our goal is to keep IT simple, so that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business! Save your energy, save your time, and avoid some headaches. We’ve got IT covered!

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